Information for orchestra members

I’ve been getting lots of emails and questions about auditions and rehearsals, so I thought I’d post some information here.

RETURNING STRINGS – Every year I try to have (or dream about having) seating auditions in the fall – but as usual it becomes impossible to organize because I need to be involved in the wind placement auditions, which are spread out over the entire first week. The wind auditions take way too long, but it’s impt that I’m there, because otherwise I can’t determine which wind players will be best suited to be in orchestra. This is why I usually cancel any string auditions that I wanted to have, and end up consulting with the string faculty to choose the rotation of the string section for the first concert.

NEW STRING PLAYERS (music majors) – I’m guessing all of you will have played for your teacher by this time, so you’ll be placed in a section according to your teacher’s recommendation.

NON-MAJOR STRINGS – Please get in touch with me to schedule an informal audition the first week of class.

WINDS and BRASS – There will be a sign up sheet for ensemble placement auditions. This is probably going to be posted outside the music office. Even if you’ve played in the orchestra previously, you’re required to take this placement audition. Usually, they’ll ask for one fast and one slow piece (just a page of each) and then there will be some scales and sight reading. Sometimes a teacher will ask their students to prepare specific pieces. (I think, for example, Sydney sent copies of orchestral excerpts to the the flute players. YAY!) Just make sure you read the information on the bulletin board and prepare the right stuff!

PERCUSSION – Joel is in charge of percussion auditions. I don’t know when these will take place.

ORCHESTRA REHEARSALS – I plan to rehearse with strings alone the first week of class. Winds will be added the second week. Rehearsals are 4-6pm Tue and Thu.

NEW MUSIC ENSEMBLE – is by audition only. There are no openings at the moment. I believe we will not rehearse the first week of class (because I’ll be in wind auditions) but we’ll try to get the music to you right away. If you have access to the Naxos Music Library, trying listening to Dracula by David del Tredici. Our first concert comes early in the fall term (Oct 30) and it’s a tough piece. Good luck with that!

LINCOLN HALL – I haven’t seen my office yet, but I snuck into the recital hall (which looks and sounds awesome) and the opera pit (which has doubled in size). I could barely recognize anything in the building, which is a good thing! I don’t know why, but everyone was expecting to go back to Lincoln Hall and find that they didn’t actually do any work in there – in fact, it really looks great. I’ll find out later this week if they gave me an office with windows. . .

Have you all been practicing??? I’ll look forward to seeing you soon. . .