Overture to La forza on youtube

Last week I posted a youtube video of Riccardo Muti conducting the overture to La forza del destino under REHEARSAL INFORMATION (it’s still there). I like that youthful performance (from 1981) but someone mentioned that there was too much background noise, so I did another youtube search and found a whole bunch of other videos of Muti conducting the same piece. One is with Vienna, another with Berlin, etc. Here’s one with La scala:

I also found one with Valery Gergiev conducting. He isn’t using a baton. It’s actually a toothpick. Let me know what you think!


6 thoughts on “Overture to La forza on youtube

  1. John says:

    Let’s see if this works.
    Both very great recordings that need much scrutinizing to decide what is preferred.
    I personally took well to the La Scala version.
    The Gergiev is great, but I thought that it pushes in tempo, dynamics, and phrasing above and beyond the call of duty. When listening to it I didn’t think of it as a overture that leads to more material. While the La Scala version felt a little more “traditional” in dynamics, tempo, and phrasings.
    A topic great for the first term of the PSU Symphony.
    Thanks for the great material ken!

  2. d. says:

    the gergiev performance is stunning. i like that it’s not tradition bound. that to me is a real performance, when it has a life of its own.

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