Kurt Weill/Peter Lorre?

“The man most responsible for Street Scene’s transformation into an opera is gentle, stocky, granite-faced Kurt Weill, the composer who wrote the scores of Knickerbocker Holiday, Lady in the Dark, and One Touch of Venus since coming here from Germany, via Paris and London, in 1935. Though he often looks as foreboding as movie villain Peter Lorre, Weill is a small, gemuetlich man who enjoys most sitting around in sweater and slacks, talking to friends and drawing on a pipe like a contented Bavarian peasant. Since 1941 he has lived in New York City with his actress-wife Lotte Lenya, and an enormous English sheep dog, Woolly (pronounced Voolly by Weill), a gift from Moss Hart. Everything about the 5-foot-4 Weills, except Voolly, is small and sturdy; their doll-sized, stone house with hand-hewn planks and beams and a brick-floored kitchen looks as if it were growing out of the tiny hillside on which it was built 150 years ago.”

(This is from a PM Magazine article by Shana Ager, published in 1947. Read the complete article here.) If you don’t know Peter Lorre, he really does look like Kurt Weill (sort of):


3 thoughts on “Kurt Weill/Peter Lorre?

  1. joe says:

    Thanks for the reading material, Ken. The intro is pretty funny (like a gossip column!), but actually Ifound the article to be very informative!

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