First week of class (coming up soon!)

As usual, I’m starting to get lots of emails and questions about the upcoming season. I plan to hold string players’ auditions right away, Tuesday the first week of school. I hope you’re all practicing hard this summer! I’d like to hear scales, of course, and whatever solo repertoire you’re working on. There will be some sight reading as well. I haven’t figured out how to post a sign up sheet on this website, so you’ll have to come in Monday (first week of class) to the music office, in order to reserve an audition time. In the meantime, you are welcome to view the performances below.


13 thoughts on “First week of class (coming up soon!)

  1. Jeremy says:

    Anyone listen to that Perlman rendition of Mendellsohn? It sounds terrible!! I’m thinking there must be a lot of distortion in that recording because I’m shocked that he isn’t cringing.

      1. Jeremy says:

        Shreds=plays horribly out of tune? I did watch the whole thing…was it edited to sound bad. That just seems weird to edit it to be out of whack.

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