Das Lied von der Erde

Ken Selden, artistic director


Mahler’s valedictory masterpiece, DAS LIED VON DER ERDE, in Arnold Schoenberg’s powerful chamber ensemble arrangement

Featuring Richard Zeller, baritone and Robert Breault, tenor

The musicians: Greg Ewer and Adam Lamotte, violins; Hillary Schoap, viola; Hamilton Cheifetz, cello; Jeffrey Johnson, bass; Jessica Sindell, flute; Kelly Gronli, oboe; David Hattner, clarinet; Carin Miller Packwood, bassoon; Joseph Berger, horn; Janet Coleman, piano; Douglas Schneider, harmonium/celeste; Florian Conzetti and Brian Gardiner, percussion

One performance only, to be recorded live for MSR Classics

8pm, Monday, August 27, 2012
First Christian Church of Portland
1314 SW Park Avenue

General Admission $24

Tickets can be reserved by calling the PSU Box Office: (503) 725-3307, or online from Ticketmaster

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The Song of the Earth (1908-09). In creating Das Lied von der Erde, a symphony for two singers and orchestra, Mahler combined two of his most innovative and personal forms of expression: the symphony and song cycle. For his “song-symphony,” Mahler adapted seven poems he found in a book of Tang Dynasty poetry (China, 618 – 907 AD), which he had read in a popular German version, based on a French translation. These poems resonated deeply with Mahler during a singularly painful period in his life, following the death of his five year old daughter, his forced resignation as director of of the Vienna Opera, and the diagnosis of a fatal heart condition. As such, the music evokes the poetic dreams and images of mortality and eternity with intense, visionary power and sensitivity. A work of tremendous harmonic innovation, Mahler called Das Lied, “probably the most personal composition I have created.” Schoenberg’s chamber ensemble arrangement focuses attention on the powerful structures and the transcendent atmosphere of Mahler’s musical expression.

For more detailed information on the poetry and music found in Das Lied, here is “Das Lied von der Erde – a personal introduction by Leonard Bernstein”


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