Welcome and welcome back. This is a message for current, incoming and prospective PSU Orchestra members.

As always, ensemble auditions take place the first week of the fall term. I’m sure you have all been practicing hard this summer and I look forward to hearing your progress. Following our performance of the Rite of Spring last year, I’m excited to begin work on Stravinsky’s Firebird, which is the main focus of our fall term. The New Music Ensemble repertoire includes music of Ligeti and Boulez, two significant composers that we haven’t yet explored.

Winds – you will find audition information in the music office.

Strings – I have posted a sign up sheet on my office door for the first week of class – 11 to 2:30 Monday/Tuesday, and 9 to noon Wednesday (Sept 30, Oct 1 and 2). Please bring whatever music you have worked on over the summer. I may also ask for scales and sight reading. This is a placement audition for the fall term, including participation in the Thanksgiving week ballet.

The first orchestra rehearsal is strings only, Thursday, Oct 3. Winds will join us the following week. Please feel to contact me with any questions. KS (

Here is Stravinsky conducting the 1945 version of his Firebird Suite, which is the version we will be doing:

And here is the complete ballet:

Here is Katy Perry:

and here is Titanium:

Why am I posting Katy Perry and Titanium? Let me know if you come up with some answers.


2 thoughts on “Auditions.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hm. Well, both songs make a reference to fire. As in, “Firebird.” If it was just the Titanium one I would say that he’s trying to get us to practice ricochet. 😛

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