HARUKI MURAKAMI: The moment I became a novelist

June is a great time for thinking and re-thinking, and for allowing life to proceed along its unexpected course. Once the spring term is over, my students often come to me with questions about the future. Everyone wants to know whether they are going in the right direction, and whether it is possible for them to succeed in their chosen path and in their career. Should one focus on developing a specific musical talent, choose a more practical vocation, or broaden one’s horizons? These are difficult questions. Whether or not someone wants to be a successful conductor or violinist or music educator, other things can often determine the direction of their journey. Sometimes, an unexpected experience can trigger a sudden philosophical change or allow a person to reconsider their preconceptions. I believe this has been called a “crystalizing moment.”

Recommended reading:

Haruki Murakami: The Moment I Became a Novelist


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