Ken Selden, music director (503) 725-8112
Zachary Banks, assistant conductor and orchestra manager
ORCHESTRA: Tue and Thu 2-4pm Lincoln Recital Hall (LH 75)
STRING ENSEMBLE: Tue 12-1:30pm Lincoln Recital Hall (LH75)
DRESS REHEARSALS: 2-4pm on the day of performance, unless otherwise indicated

Thank you everyone for two excellent concerts this week. Congratulations especially to Zach who did such a great job and to all the graduating students. Best wishes for your summer plans. Ken


Portland State University Orchestra, String Ensemble and New Music Ensemble
[MUS 196, 396, 596] and [MUS 194, 394, 594]
2016-17 Season

Ken Selden, Music Director
Office: Lincoln Hall 245B
(503) 725-8112
Office Hours by Appointment

Zachary Banks, Assistant Conductor and Orchestra Manager

Description, objectives and general information

The PSU Orchestra, String Ensemble and New Music Ensemble introduce students to concepts of preparation, practice, rehearsal and performance, in a wide variety of repertoire.

Rehearsal schedule details are posted weekly. Please check the website at the beginning of each week.

GRADES: All students are required at all rehearsals unless otherwise posted. Your grade is based on attendance, as well as the quality of your preparation, participation and performance.

One letter grade will be deducted for each absence. Two late arrivals will be counted as one absence. You are required to submit a written explanation (email) to the Orchestra Manager prior to any absence or late arrival. Doctor’s note is required for any illness related absence. Absence or late arrival at a dress rehearsal or performance is an automatic F.

* Cell phone use is not permitted during rehearsal.

Please keep track of your music. There is a fee of $25 for any lost or damaged parts, $75 for lost or damaged rental parts. All music is to be left on your stand (on stage) following each performance. You will be responsible for a $10 late fee for any music not returned on the day of performance.

All students are required for opera performances during the spring term, unless otherwise notified. Attendance policy remains in effect during opera.

Requirements of this class will include class meetings and/or performances that will be held off-campus. Students/participants will provide his/her own method of transportation to the off-campus location.